Berlin hospital gets new nursing staff from Albania

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Albanian medical caregiver Kristian Gazulli talks about his new job at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany | Aug 31 (Deutsche Welle) – German state news agency Deutsche Welle says Germany’s hospitals are being staffed with Albanian caregivers and nurses, offering them more attractive employment conditions than back home. 

DW has visited the Charité in Berlin, Europe’s largest university hospital, which lacks hundreds of caregivers.

To make up the shortfall, the clinic has hired nursing staff from Albania who have integrated very well in the new system. DW says that soon nurses from Mexico will follow.

DW interviews 24 year old Kristian Gazulli who following the completion of a special training in Albania was immediately recruited by the Charité in Berlin. 

Gazulli says that “hospitals back in Albania run through a very different system. In Germany hospitals are more structured, documentation is very important and everything has to be recorded.”

The drain of nurses and doctors has been a major problem for Albania as most of its youth would seek to leave the country for better employment opportunities elsewhere. Germany is a lucrative destination and is highly preferential among young Albanians. 

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