Albania cuts diplomatic ties with Iran following massive terror cyberattack

ali khamenei edi rama mek members
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei (left), MEK Iranian resistance members in Albania (center), Albanian PM Edi Rama (right)

Tirana, Albania – | 07 Sept 2022 (Tirana Echo) – Albania has officially cut diplomatic relations with Iran, following a massive cyberattack sponsored by the Teheran regime.

The decision was announced this morning by Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama whose government has given all staff at the Iranian Embassy in Tirana 24 hours to leave the country.

Following close cooperation with international anti digital terror agencies, we have managed to establish beyond doubt that the 15 July cyberattack on Albania, was not an individual operation, but a clear aggression from a state actor. The thorough investigation has now provided us with uncontested proof that cyber-aggression against our country was organized and sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran” – said PM Rama in a live press conference in Tirana.

The prime minister also added that Iran had engaged four different groups against Albania, including an infamous terrorist cyber-group which is responsible for similar attacks against Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait and Cyprus in the past.

The drastic decision to cut diplomatic relations comes after a massive cyber-attack on Albania’s public and government websites and databases brought down the entire e-Albania system and allegedly compromised sensitive data of Albanian citizens and foreign residents in the small Balkan country.

The cyber-attack which took place on July 15th, was first thought to be a Russian act according to local media, taking into account Albania’s clear support towards Ukraine.

However, the latest international investigation has revealed that Teheran was behind the mega-attack.

Relations between Albania and Iran have been increasingly tense over the past years, following Albania’s decision to host all members of Iran’s resistance Mujaheddin-e Khalq movement (MEK), whose followers have been allowed to settle in Albania after their lives were put in danger in camps Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq.

Several senior US and other western politicians have praised Albania’s decision to host MEK members and its decision in 2018 to expel Iran’s Ambassador to Tirana on national security grounds.

The Albanian government confirmed today that it has informed all its strategic allies, NATO Member States and other friendly countries on its decision to cut ties with Iran.

According to the Government’s portal, an official notice of the decision has been sent to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, asking that all the diplomatic, technical and administrative, and security staff leave within 24 hours the territory of the Republic of Albania.


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