Two Russians and one Ukrainian arrested in Albania trying to enter a military base

Gramsh Albanian military plant
Gramsh Albanian military plant

Tirana, Albania – | 20 Aug 2022 (Tirana Echo) – Albania has confirmed two Russians and one Ukrainian citizen have been arrested while attempting to penetrate one of its southern military bases.

According to the Albanian Ministry of Defense, two soldiers were injured while trying to stop the people entering the plant. They are now in stable condition in hospital.

Meanwhile, Albanian PM Edi Rama said the three foreign nationals are suspected of “espionage activity”.

According to the MOD and local media reports, one of the Russian nationals was taking photos of the Gramsh military base territory. Following calls to get away from the plant, he then attacked the two guarding military personnel by some sort of spray. Its contents have not been confirmed by the Albanian authorities.

In addition, another Russian national and a Ukrainian national have been arrested in the vicinities.  

Increasing numbers of foreign tourists visit Albania’s remote areas in the summer with many reportedly penetrating into military territory which is poorly fenced and badly guarded by the former communist country’s armed forces.

During the country’s Communist rule, Gramsh was famous for the production of the AK-49 Russian type rifles.

According to the ministry’s website, the plant now provides manufacturing services for the defense industry. It did not give more details.

IN another separate incident, four Czech nationals were also detained entering the territory of another old arms factory in the small town of Polican.

Albania became a NATO member in 2009 and aspires to enter the European Union.


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