Armenia lifts visas for Albania citizens in hope to foster better business and tourism ties

Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia |Aug 31 (Tirana Echo) – The Armenian government has announced it is lifting its visa regime for the citizens of Albania, signaling a new will from Yerevan to promote better relations with Tirana.

The move from the Armenian government comes 5 years later than its Albanian counterpart, which in 2013 removed its visas for short term visitors from Armenia.

Armenia’s Government says the adoption of this decision served the principle of reciprocity in the Armenian-Albanian bilateral relations.”

This will not only promote and encourage tourism, but will also help to better know each other, to outline and develop a number of new areas of bilateral cooperation.” – said a representative from Armenia’s government.  

With the new visa-free regime Albanian citizens can travel to Armenia without a prior visa and can stay in the country for a maximum of 180 days during the year.

Although diplomatic relations between Albania and Armenia were established on the 18 February 1993, bilateral relations between the two small countries have been very lukewarm in recent years.

Trade turnover is almost inexistent while the last official visit of an Armenian foreign minister to Albania was in 2008.

Since 2015 Armenia has an Honorary Consul in Tirana (Mr. Varuzhan Piranjani) while Albania covers diplomatic duties with Armenia from its Embassy in Athens.

The decision from Yerevan is expected to improve business and tourism ties between Armenia and Albania.

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