February 17, 2018
Armando Prenga with MP Pjerin Ndreu and Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri in Parliament
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Albania: The State and Organized Crime – By Tsai Mali

An Italian-Albanian criminal organization devoted to narcotics from Albania dismantled in recent days in Catania, Italy ended up shaking Albanian politics quite heavily. A controversial story of international trafficking, collaboration between authorities and criminal groups [...]

Turkish Cuisine Ready to Challenge the World

Health & Food
May 5, 2017 0
Besides our history and cultural heritage, it is the Turkish cuisine that is one of our greatest richness. However, unfortunately, Turkish cuisine is one of the richest in the world, but is not adequately known [...]
Health & Food

Croatian Recipes: Dalmatian Pašticada

May 1, 2017 0
If you visit the Dalmatian coast then you must try this dish as it originates in Dalmatia. Dalmatinska pašticada, or just pašticada, is a stewed beef dish cooked in a special sauce and served usually [...]