March 23, 2017

Say NO to depression with Mediterranean diet

Health & Food
March 3, 2017 0
For those with depression, counseling about healthier foods — along with increased consumption of Mediterranean-type foods — may help relieve symptoms, a new study suggests. Though the study is small, it did have striking results: [...]

Must Try! This is the best homemade plum liqueur

Health & Food
February 23, 2017 0
Sweet, plum-flavored liqueur for great gifts or to indulge in by itself! Serves: 1lt Preparation time: 20′Ready in: 20′ + 1-1,5 month waiting Ingredients 1 kg plums 1 lt good quality vodka 200g granulated sugar [...]

Albania, the land that time (almost) forgot

Travel & Tourism
March 22, 2017 0
Albania was hidden from the world for 50 years – but this small and beautiful country is now revealing its magic, as Lesley Bellew reports. It’s little further than Italy and nearer to us than [...]