TiranaEcho.com is an independent English language news outlet committed to providing balanced, fair and accurate reporting of the latest developments in South-East Europe, with a view from Tirana, Albania. We cover an array of topics with a particular focus on politics, business, social issues and entertainment.

We inform without taking sides, and we do not bend to any political pressure or hidden interests which have resulted in unprofessional reporting across the media spectrum in the Balkans.

Although we report on developments from the entire region of South-East Europe, our focal point is the Western Balkans which includes Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, and their respective process of integration into the European Union.

Through our work, we aim to project the highest possible standards of media reporting and since 2016 we are working hard to build a reputation as one of the most trusted and professional sources of information in English from the Balkans.  

Tirana Echo is a solid source of credible information for an array of opinion-makers, political & business leaders, academic researchers across the world, who take a special interest in developments in the Balkans.

We rarely refer to others and we are proud to produce fresh, accurate and original content thanks to reporters on the ground as well as our insight knowledge of what really is going on. In addition, we also benefit from the contribution of several respected authors and commentators across the region, including political and business representatives.

At the moment Tirana Echo is a voluntary project thanks to the kind contribution of our editors and contributors.