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Albania, the land that time (almost) forgot

March 22, 2017 0

Albania was hidden from the world for 50 years – but this small and beautiful country is now revealing its magic, as Lesley Bellew reports. It’s little further than Italy and nearer to us than […]


Albania Wants to Show Off Its Shipwrecks

February 25, 2017 0

From 6th century B.C. Greek cargo ships to WWII wrecks, the Balkan nation is hoping to boost tourism by highlighting its underwater archaeology. Albania may not crack the list for top scuba-diving destinations in the […]


Travel – 50 Fun Facts About Croatia

February 12, 2017 0

50 Fun Facts About Croatia Zlatni rat (Screenshot/Frane Marinković) There are lots interesting little facts about Croatia, here are just 50 of them. 1. Croats arrived in the area of present-day Croatia during the early […]