Albanian PM Rama in Belgrade: Serbia must recognize Kosovo’s independence

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama again urged Serbia to recognize Kosovo as soon as possible and said that he supportes dialogue between Belgrade and Prishtina.

Rama also said that Kosovo is an issue “on which we completely disagree, because my position is that the sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo, the better it will be for everyone”.

“However, at the same time, there is a process that I fully support, and that is the dialogue as a very important instrument that will serve as the basis of power in the future,” Rama said in the debate on Serbian-Albanian relations with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić.

As for the dispute between Belgrade and Priština over Trepča, Rama said that Trepča was located on the territory of Kosovo and that it belonged to the people of Kosovo.

“You can’t possibly be thinking about moving it… People need to understand that the Trepča mine is on Kosovo territory and that it belongs to the people of Kosovo, regardless of whether they are Serbs or Albanians,” he said.

In addition, Rama said it was time that the countries in the region stop being held hostage by the past and modernize their societies.

At the opening of the Belgrade Security Forum, Rama said that the process of European integrations was a path of modernization of society that is more important even than membership in the EU itself as it helps to build institutions, rule of law, and a functioning democracy.

“People in this region may have different opinions on Washington, Brussels, or Moscow, but they must understand that there is no other mechanism that will allow us to once and for depart from the history that doesn’t do us any favors and finally modernize and start living in the modern age,” said Rama, who together with the Serbian prime minister launched the 6th Belgrade Security Forum.

Regarding the reform of the judicial reform in Albania, Rama said that something that had been unthinkable for the country had been done – carrying out constitutional reform and adopting a number of laws that radically broke with a bad history.

“And everyone is aware that it would not have been possible without the mechanism of European integrations,” Rama noted.

Source: B92