Schroeder in Tirana – Investors need swift and credible political decisions

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Shroeder said today that Albania’s decision to move forward with its ambitious justice reform will help with the country’s economic growth, as investors need swift and credible political decisions and a good and stable justice environment.

During his quick visit in Albania’s capital Tirana, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder met with Albanian PM Edi Rama, Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta both of the governing coalition and with other political and economic representatives of the country.

Schroeder who was accompanied throughout his visit from MEP Knut Fleckenstein also spoke at an economic forum where he said that after Brexit Europe “is going through a new chapter which goes beyond the political dimension and that the current European crisis is one of structures, adding in here the risks threatening world economy from North Africa and Middle East”.

Schroeder said in Tirana that the European integration continues to be a blessing for Europe and the EU should continue to expand, as this has been a Union of stability for all.

Former German Chancellor confirmed in Tirana that despite Brexit and enlargement fatigue, Germany will continue to support Albania’s bid to join the club, adding that in order to advance, Albania needs to prove that it can not only take good decisions, but it also implements them, referring to the latest approval of a major constitutional package of justice reform by the Albanian parliament last July.

Schroeder also praised the latest efforts by Albania and Serbia to work closer together, suggesting that the more Balkan countries work together in regional infrastructural connectivity, the easier would be for foreign investors to look at this poorer part of Europe longing to join the crisis torn European Union.

Schroeder visits Albania at a time when the small Balkan country is hoping to open accession talks with the EU, pending a positive recommendation from the European Commission, which has put Albania on a strict agenda of major structural reforms. The decision is to be taken by the end of this year by member states who are reluctant to show any enthusiasm on EU enlargement, largely affected by upcoming elections in France and Germany next year.

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