Albania – Ralf Gjoni takes up vacated seat in Parliament, following opposition decision to give up parliamentary mandates en-block

Ralf Gjoni at the Albanian Parliament

Tirana, Albania | 16 March 2019 (VOA) – Another name from the list of candidates for MP from the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), Ralf Gjoni has decided to take up the mandate of member of parliament, following an en-block decision by opposition parties to withdraw their representatives from parliament.

Mr. Gjoni who has served as the International Secretary for the LSI and a former adviser to former Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta, told the Voice of America (VOA) that “this was the most difficult political decision I have had to take after a thorough consultation with my family, close friends inside and outside the country and with numerous voters and activists of the party who have supported us during the electoral campaign.

Mr. Gjoni said that he has decided to “continue the service towards the Euro-Atlantic agenda of Albania and to be on the right side of history.”

My name and my integrity could never be at the service of instability, which is why today we all have to take up our responsibilities in order to guarantee the normal functioning of parliament, as a foundation of the Albanian state. Albanians deserve tranquility, progress and hope for the future.” Gjoni told VOA.

Today, the Central Elections Commission of Albania granted parliamentary mandates to two names from the Democratic Party list. So far, 11 candidates from opposition lists have taken up vacated seats, while 3 existing MPs have refused to give up their mandates. Among them is Rudina Hajdari who made her decision public during a recent interview for the Voice of America.

Source: Voice of America

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