Greece Among Top 3 Destinations for Americans in the Mediterranean

82% of Americans planning holidays in Europe prefer Mediterranean destinations, and Greece ranks as the third most desirable destinations in the Mediterranean with a 9% share.This is one of the conclusions reached by the Long-Haul Travel Barometer of the European Travel Commission (ETC).

The survey looks at the travel preferences of Americans, the second-largest outbound tourism market in the world, after China, as evidenced by outbound tourism data 2015 (74 million trips abroad with travel costs of US $ 113 billion, WCO data).

According to ETC’s barometer, from Mediterranean destinations, Italy is the number one choice for US travelers and also the second most wanted destination in Europe (after France), with one in three Americans (31%) visiting Europe to plan their next trip to the country.

At the Mediterranean level, Spain occupies second place with a share 18% followed by Greece (37%), Italy (31%) and Germany (26%), according to the survey.Americans visit Europe with the following interests:

1 . Nature 15%
2. Known attractions 14%
3. History and Culture 12%
4. See as much as possible in a short time 12%
5. Experience local culture 11%
6. Relax and charge their batteries in a special environment 10%
7. Taste the local cuisine | 8%
8. Indulge in outdoor activities 6%
9. Shopping expensive and luxurious branded products 5%
10. More than 2 out of 5 Americans will book a return trip to Europe via a travel agent or tour operator.


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