Serbian Socialists’ Divisions Come to the Surface

A series of resignations, expulsions and disciplinary proceedings have brought simmering disputes inside Serbia’s junior ruling party to the fore – says BIRN.

Nenad Borovcanin, a prominent member of the Socialist Party, the junior partner within Serbia’s ruling coalition, was expelled from the party late on Thursday after months of clashes with colleagues.

His expulsion came just days after Dijana Vukomanovic, an MP and one of the party’s ideologists, quit the party – which is meanwhile conducting disciplinary procedure against another well-known member, Novica Toncev.

While the party claims the recent turbulence will make it stronger, some of its members and analysts doubt this is the case.

They say the series of departures and expulsions is the outcome of factional disputes, reflecting opposing views about the party’s decision to enter government with the Progressives, while also reflecting the discontent of key members who have failed to obtain ministerial posts.

Source: BIRN