Romanian Head of the Election Authority under arrest for corruption

The national anti-corruption department in Romania announced on Wednesday, that the Head of the Election Authority, Ana Maria Petru was arrested under corruption charges. According to the local media, it is suspected that Mrs. Petru has wasted an amount of 210,000 euros from the state fund, and give it to a IT company run by her husband.

It is also suspected that the head of election authority has taken from a businessman an amount of 50.000 euros in order to arrange him a meeting with the Romanian Minister of Economy, which comprises the government ministers as well in corruption scandals.

The scandal was published only three weeks before Romania goes to the Parliamentary elections which are scheduled on the 11th of December 2016. Since becoming part of the European Union in 2007, Romania was always ranked among the most corrupted countries with the highest perception in the Transparency International’s corruption index.

It has, however, improved its rating with more than 1,100 DNA-driven arrests, indictments and trials of bureaucrats, including a former prime minister, government ministers and lawmakers.

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