Albanian ethnic parties in Montenegro unite in an unprecedented front ahead of tomorrow’s elections

Albanian Leaders in Montenegro Unite
Albanian Leaders in Montenegro Unite

In an unprecedented move, the four political forces belonging to ethnic Albanians in Montenegro have united into a so called “One Purpose” front, aiming to get the maximum possible seats in the next Montenegrin Parliament, ahead of tomorrow’s general elections in the country.

Ethnic Albanian parties in Montenegro have always been subject to constant criticism from their voters, and from Tirana itself for not being able to unite to better represent Albanians in Montenegro. Albanian leaders in Montenegro, unwilling to get together due to huge mistrust between political factions, have always had to go alone into elections, diminishing the potential for more ‘Albanian’ seats in the Montenegrin parliament.

two days ahead of tomorrow’s general elections in Montenegro, the Democratic Party, Democratic League in Montenegro, Civil Initiative and Citizenry Movement have united under the slogan “One Purpose”, hoping that through this move they will maximize the number of seats to be won tomorrow.

Albanians in Montenegro have enjoyed widespread freedoms under the Government of Milo Djukanovic who recently approved in Parliament the official use of the Albanian language during its plenary sessions. However, Albanian parties demand more in terms of official usage of Albanian language in all Albanian inhabited municipalities, the free use of national symbols and an University in Albanian language.

Ethnic Albanians in Montenegro, after huge waves of emigration to the USA in the past four decades, account for around 5% of the total population and live mainly in southeastern Montenegro,predominantly in Ulcinj, Plav, Bar, Tuz, Podgorica and Rozaje, with the largest Albanian city remaining Ulcinj (Ulqin) where the HQ of the Albanian National Council is located.

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