US Pompeo to FM Bushati – Albania made it clear that Iranian terrorism is unacceptable on European soil

Tirana, Albania | 22 Dec 2018 (Tirana Echo) – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told his Albanian counterpart Ditmir Bushati that Albania’s expulsion of Iran’s Ambassador sent a clear message to the world that Iranian terrorism is unacceptable on European soil.

In a telephone call with Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati, Mike Pompeo praised the Albanian government for expelling two Iranian officials, including the Iranian Ambassador to Albania, in response to an Iran-sponsored plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Albania.

Following recent arrests that disrupted Iranian-backed plots in Denmark and France, Albania’s actions send a clear message that Iranian terrorism is unacceptable on European soil,” – Pompeo told Bushati.

The conversation was also confirmed by Albania’s Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati on Twitter following the telephone call.

Just had a phone call with @SecPompeo who thanked @AlbGov for the leadership in taking up action against unacceptable diplomatic practice. Underlined Albania’s joining forces with other European countries to defend European security against all malign activities of other powers.” – he tweeted.

The exchange comes days after Albania expelled Iran’s Ambassador and another top diplomat of the embassy in Tirana following a tip off from security services that the two were planning a terrorist attack on Albanian territory.

In a recent letter, US President Donald Trump thanked Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama for his steadfast efforts to stand up to Iran and encounter the destabilizing activities and efforts to silence dissidents around the globe.

The leadership you have shown by expelling Iran’s Ambassador to your country exemplifies our joint efforts to show the Iranian government that its terrorist activities in Europe and around the world will have severe consequences. Albania has always been a great friend to the United States and I look forward to growing our partnership as we confront the many important issues facing our two countries,” concludes the letter President Donald Trump sent to Albanian PM Rama

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