Thousands of aftershocks shake Albania following powerful deadly earthquake

Tirana, Albania | 28 Dec 2019 (Tirana Echo) – As Albania is hit again by a 4,3 magnitude quake this afternoon, experts point out that aftershocks running in the thousands are normal seismic activity following the powerful 6,4 magnitude November earthquake.

Following today’s 4,3 tremor, experts have quickly attempted to calm down panicking local populations in Durres and Tirana who are constantly fearing another powerful shock.

Albanian seismologist Rrapo Ormëni told local media that today’s tremor is part of a normal aftershock seismic activity following the November quake and that aftershocks may continue for several months.

Such tremors are part of a normal seismic activity and do not represent a problem for affected areas. Today’s epicenter was located at the same spot as previous tremors and as suh thi is a continuation of aftershocks which will continue until the earth finds its balance.” – said Ormëni.

According to the Albania’s Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Environment, over 2,200 aftershocks have been registered in the country following the 6.4-magnitude earthquake hitting the coast of Albania and its capital Tirana on November 26.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake which followed a previous 5,8 quake earier in September, caused 51 fatalities and left thousands homeless in the cities of Durres, Thumane, Lezha and the country’s capital Tirana.

The Albanian government has promised to rebuild demolished buildings and secure housing for displaced families.

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