Rita Ora shows off her red hair in flamboyant concert in Tirana

Rita Ora flashy concert in Tirana, Albania
Rita Ora flashy concert in Tirana, Albania

Tirana, Albania | June 04 (Tirana Echo) – Rita Ora showed up in Albania’s capital Tirana in a new red hair look, firing up 250,000 fans with her flashy performance.

The 27 year old Brit-Albanian singer originally from Kosovo, gave a thrilling performance to her many fans gathered in Tirana’s main square, showing off her new red hair, in honor of the red color of the Albanian flag.

Hey guys, look I’m back in Albania after 6 years and I have dyed my hair red” – said Ora to a cheerful crowd, which was fired up even more when she decided to perform an old traditional Albanian dance with her group of energetic dancers on stage.

Her short Tirana performance was not longer than one hour, leaving many ‘hungry’ fans disappointed. However, Tirana’s popular young mayor Erion Veliaj awarded her with the city’s symbol, a large key.

rita ora tirana albania concert
Rita Ora singing to 250,000 fans in Albania’s capital Tirana

After leaving Tirana on her private jet for Verona in Italy, the top pop star twitted: “All 250,000 of you thank you for showing up tonight. You could be Anywhere in the world and you were there with me! Everyone who helped put this together The Major @erionveliaj and the sponsors! I had the best time ever! Verona you’re next! Shot by @Timmsy17”.

This was the second concert of Kosovan-born Rita Ora in Albania’s capital Tirana. Her first performance was in 2012. Ora has never hidden her Albanian heritage and has always been thankful to her many Albanian fans who have helped her climb the ladder of world fame.

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