Mayor of Lezha Fran Frrokaj Arrested on Corruption Charges

Lezha, Albania, March 16 (Tirana Echo) – The mayor of north-western Albanian town of Lezha Mr. Fran Frrokaj has been arrested today under property and land appropriation charges.

The investigation conducted by the prosecutor of serious crimes shows the mayor and many of his close collaborators in the town hall of Lezha, have been involved in a well organised scheme of changing the property titles of thousands of square meters of land by the ‘Rana e Hedhun’ beach in the Adriatic coast.

Allegedly, Frrokaj has assisted private businesses to gain illegal ownership of touristic coastal land, a practice denounced last month by Albania’s interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj.

I want to tell you that I am concerned, and I told the police over abuses made here with public land, more specifically with the coastal line of Lezha“, said Xhafaj during a recent visit to Lezha.

Alongside Frrokaj, the police have also arrested the Deputy Mayor Enver Hafizi, the head of the municipal council Gjokë Ndoka, Gjelina Bacaj and Eduart lekaj of the Property Titles Office, Dylaver Meli and Enkelejd Zefi of the Mayor’s office and are currently looking for many other involved officials.

The District Court of Lezha has sequestered almost 40,000 m2.

Fran Frrokaj of the right wing Democratic Party was elected Mayor of Lezha in 2015 under the “Work & Dignity” slogan.

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