Massive Fire Burns Down Recycling Facility in Tirana

Tirana, Albania (Tirana Echo) – A massive fire has burned down a recycling facility in the Kashar area west of Albania’s capital Tirana as firemen battle with black smoke and flames for more than two hours.

Material damages are being reported with the factory totally burned down while the army has been called in to help. Black smoke can be seen across Tirana’s skylight this morning as warm temperatures reached 24C.

Tirana’s Mayor Erion Veliaj has warned people to stay away from the Mëzez area and the police have blocked traffic circulation.

All the city’s emergency services, firemen, police & army are involved in the battle with fire in a factory in Kashar. Please avoid the area until we have the situation under control,” – Veliaj wrote in Twitter.

Albanian media are reporting this is not the first time the factory has caused while its owners have previously been fined by authorities over fire security negligence.

Albania suffers from a lack of proper safety and fire framework as businesses get away with minimal or often no safety rules in place.

Tirana’s Town Hall lacks adequate funding to put in place proper inspection teams and enforce legislation.
The small Balkan country of 2.8 million hopes to open accession talks in June for EU membership.

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