Israeli man detained in Albania International Airport over tapping device found on his luggage

A 50-year-old man was detained at Albania’s international airport after the police discovered a tapping recording device in his luggage.

According to reports in local Albanian media outlets, a 50-year-old Israeli was arrested in Albania’s airport. An electronic device was found on his person, one that could be used as a recording device. Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the report.

The local police detained the suspect at the international airport in Rinas prior to his departure from the country. He was asked to submit the device, and was questioned in the presence of an interpreter.

It was further reported that local experts were checking the device in order to ascertain whether it was used for wiretapping or any other illegal activity.

Local outlets have suggested the Israeli citizen named as Yoram Frig was allegedly working on behalf of a powerful person with strong political and business links in Albania. HE has allegedly told the Albanian police that he had come to the countrya t the request of a powerful politician to scan his businesses and offices for any tapping devices.

Albanian authorities have declined to give any specific information on the case but have said the device will be checked to see whether it has been used for any illegal wiretapping of Albanian citizens.

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