Ilir Meta Resigns from his Party Leadership, Remains Speaker of Parliament Until 24 July

Albanian Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta during his press conference.
Albanian Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta during a press conference.

Tirana, Albania | Tirana Echo – Ilir Meta has resigned from the chairmanship of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) after his elections last night as Albania’s new President, announcing he will remain Speaker of Parliament until the 24th July when he takes oath.

Meta said he will continue to remain Speaker of parliament until the 24th July when he assumes his new presidential duties.

After the publication of MP lists I will withdraw from all my  party responsibilities. When the CEC publishes the party lists, my name as party leader will be replaced with that of Mr. Petrit Vasili who according to the LSI statute assumes the leadership as the current vice-chair. From today I am also removed from any party relationship with the Socialist Party, as Mr. Vasili assumes all responsibilities.” – said Meta this morning in a press conference.

Mr. Meta was elected President of Republic of Albania last night by the Albanian Parliament with 87 out of 89 votes in favor. Opposition democrats boycotted the vote as part of their two month protest demanding the prime minister’s resignation.

Many have interpreted Meta’s election as a forced choice by the ruling Socialist Party which was visibly happy to see Meta go to the Presidential palace, a largely ceremonial position without much leverage.

Analyst Blendi Fevziu said Meta wanted the presidency to try to mould an image as a unifying figure in the divided NATO member state.

Rama managed to get Meta, his main rival for the premier’s job, out of the active political scene for the next five years. He has now only one rival, the Democratic Party leader,” Fevziu wrote.

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