Elections will not be postponed, we can hold them without the opposition – says Albanian PM

Tirana, Albania | Tirana Echo – Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama has said the governing coalition is prepared to go to June’s general elections without the opposition Democratic Party, depicting the current political crisis as artificial.

Talking on his weekly Facebook communication online, Rama said the crisis provoked by the Democratic Party is artificial and that if they decide to boycott the upcoming general elections, the socialists would not join them, standing firm on June 18th as elections date.

Such a possibility pains me, but does not scare me. Although the non-representation of the biggest party of the opposition is a grace anomaly, we would never join such an hallucination, in respect of the people.; We will respect the date of elections and until then we will engage in front of Albanian, telling them how much we have accomplished for Albania, how much more remains to be done and how much we would lose if we go backwards,” – said the Albanian Prime Minister on his live communication on Facebook.

Rama also addressed concerns that Albania may slide into a political turmoil like in 1997 when the country went into armed chaos resulting in the toppling of then President Sali Berisha.

We are in March 2017, not in 1997 and no one can stop the pace of building a state order for Albania of the next generation,” said Rama.

Albania has been paralyzed by a deepening political crisis, with the opposition parties led by the democrats protesting in Tirana’s main boulevard for almost 4 weeks and boycotting all parliamentary activity.

The opposition demand the resignation of PM Rama and the formation of a technical government which will take the country to ‘free and fair’ elections in June.

The European Union and the United States expect Albania to get on with the crucial reform of its corrupt justice system before accession talks for Eu membership can be opened for the small Balkan country.

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