Deadlock at High Court of Albania delays 20,000 cases from being judged

The High Court of Albania
The High Court of Albania

Tirana, Sept 18 (Tirana Echo) – The lack of judges at the High Court of Albania has blocked the judgement of over 20,000 high profile cases, says its Chairman Xhezair Zaganjori.

During an interview for Top Channel, Mr. Zaganjori has said that the lack of judges in the 3rd degree court of Albania has caused a deadlock and has blocked the treatment of more than 20,000 cases. These include high profile cases such as that against MP Tom Doshi and former MP Alfred Peza, whose court sessions keep being postponed due to lack of judges.

Doshi’s lawyer Ferid Muçaj said that “the High Court is practically paralyzed because there are not enough judges to form the judging body, and we keep getting undetermined postponements”.

Four former judges resigned during the summer due to the end of their mandate. Evelina Qiriako, Aleksandër Muskaj, Guxim Zenelaj and Arjana Fullani are no longer part of the High Court, leaving the judging body with 10 judges.

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