Daily Mail Exposes New Traffic Route and Says Albanian Crime Groups Dominate UK Organised Crime Scene

The Daily Mail has revealed that Albanian criminal groups have changed their human trafficking patterns and that they now dominate the British criminal scene.

The UK National Crime Agency has warned that Albanian crime groups have established a ‘high-profile influence’ within UK organised crime. They are behind much of the supply of cocaine around the country and are also involved in trafficking and prostitution,” – says the Daily Mail in a thorough investigation of the European drug route used by Albanian and Balkan criminal groups.

The Daily Mail adds that initially the route to the UK went through Italy and France, but after crackdowns by police in these countries they started to take a circuitous route through Montenegro, Serbia, Germany and northern Spain, from where they would be helped on to ships heading to the south coast of the UK.

Around nine in ten of the Albanians trafficked into the UK are believed to have boarded ferries using fake passports and identity cards created by the gangs. Most of the forged papers were Italian, while some were French and Spanish.

According to the British newspaper, Albanians now make up the third largest foreign group jailed in England and Wales, behind Irish and Polish criminals – at a cost of around £53 million to the British taxpayer.

The investigation follows the arrest of 39 people by Albanian authorities over human trafficking towards the EU, US, Canada and the UK, after several months of international police cooperation and investigation.

The successful Albanian police operation coded “One If – By Land” was closely coordinated with US authorities, Canadian emigration police, Europol, Interpol and police authorities of Kosovo, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy.

Full Daily Mail Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5538435/People-smuggling-route-saw-750-Albanians-smuggled-UK.html