Coffee Talk: Albanian and Serbian PMs meet to talk about… Anything! while Kosovo boycots the meeting

“The sooner Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s independence, the better it will be also for Serbia”, said PM Edi Rama during a non-formal conversation with Serbian PM Alexandar Vucic, during the Security Forum in Belgrad, which was boycoted by Kosovo’s leaders.

Initially relaxed and then involved in serious conversations, both PMs had the debate lighting up with the mentioning of Kosovo.

Rama said he strongly supports dialogue and a happy life for every citizen, but said he doesn’t understand the stance of Serbia. As for Trepca, he added, “it belongs to the Kosovo citizens”.

“Trepca is a mine in the heart of Kosovo and you cannot move it to Belgrade. People in Kosovo must understand it belongs to all of its citizens, Albanian and Serbian alike”, Rama said.

Vucic seemed troubled at first, but with self-restraint, he said there is no problem for him to dialogue, but Kosovo doesn’t seem ready to do it.

“Edi Rama is a better politician than me. I have not wanted to say bad words about people in Prishtina, because it is not part of my character. But Prishtina has always made the worst choice when it has been about the economy and Trepca. They have not wanted to speak with the Serbs who work in Trepca and have avoided everything else. We cannot see things always from a rational view”, Vucic said.

Vucic praised Chancellor Angela Merkel about the refugee crisis and said Serbia is a good reflection of that solution. Rama said that Albanians have always wanted to be part of Europe and do not have two loves, like Serbia, with Russia and the EU at the same time. “We are clear about our love”, Rama said.

Vucic answered that Albanians may be against Russia, but Serbia wants to get along with everyone. Rama added “I know that Merkel will be a chancellor again, but not Donald Trump”.

Vucic: I am glad that Mr.Rama knows this with certainty. I don’t know this with certainty.

Rama: I am well informed about the EU and the USA. I will have to ask you about Moscow, because I don’t have enough information.

The meeting ended with hand shakes and both PMs underlined that the paths of Albanians and Serbs will always be crossed.

Source: Top Channel 2016

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