Albanian PM Rama says there will be no technical government ahead of June elections

Tirana, Albania | Tirana Echo – Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama has excluded any possibility of a technical government ahead of upcoming June elections, promising that with or without the opposition elections will go ahead as planned.

During his weekly live Facebook communication, Rama said that he would be open to all discussion with the opposition in order to satisfy their concerns about the management of elections, but refused to bow down to their request to resign and form a technical government.

They are welcome to dialogue and vote together any electoral code changes or any other mechanism the DP needs to feel guaranteed on election day, but my position is unchanged on what does not depend on us. The Democratic Party should forget about the technical government or the postponement of elections”, – said Rama tonight, implying that general elections will go ahead as planned on June 18th.

Referring to upcoming May 7th local election for Mayor of the city of Kavaja, due to its former socialist mayor dismissed earlier on criminal charges, Rama said that the decision of the DP not to participate in this local election would be like taking the people hostage and destabilizing the country.

The Democratic Party has declared they will not participate on May elections for the city of Kavaja, which it governed in the past catastrophically. With or without the Democratic Party, the people have to and will choose freely in its sovereign right, whether it is for Mayor of Kavaja or in electing a new Parliament and new government for the next 4 years”, said Rama in a firm tone.

The opposition democrats and other parties have been protesting for 37 days in front of the PM office demanding his resignation and the formation of a new technical government which will guarantee free and fair elections in June 18th. The democrats are currently boycotting parliament and have warned that if their two main demands are not met, there will be no elections in Albania.

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