Albanian opposition leader charged by police with inciting violence

Albanian DP Leader Lulzim Basha
Albanian DP Leader Lulzim Basha

TIRANA, Albania | Tirana Echo – The Albanian POLice have pressed charges against opposition leader Lulzim Basha for inciting violence and breaking the constitutional order during his democratic party led protest.

During his daily speeches at the ongoing protest in front of the PM office in Tirana’s main boulevard, Basha lashed out at the government and surprisingly made calls for violence.

“You want war? War you will have, we will drag them doewn at the boulevard” said Basha to his democatic party supporters who were cheering him as the democratic chairman called on people to pierce car tires and break windows.

If found guilty, he could spend up-to three years behind bars, although chances of arresting him are slim as this would provoke a violent reaction from DP supporters who are on their 12th day of protesting, demanding the resignation of PM Edi Rama.

This tiny Balkan country of 3 million people has been a candidate to join the EU since 2014 – and is hopeful of launching accession negotiations this year. The parliamentary boycott of the opposition has created a political deadlock at the crucial time when the historic justice reform awaits the start of its difficult implementation.


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