Albanian General Prosecutor moves family abroad amid life threats

The Albanian General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla has decided to move his pregnant wife and two kids outside of the country amid life threats received more than two months ago, claims Top Channel.

According to the daily TV outlet, Llalla has received several text messages and calls threatening him and his family directly because of a very sensitive high profile criminal case currently being investigated.

The General Prosecutor Llalla has informed the President, the Secret Service SHISH and other relevant local and foreign authorities whom have decided to put Mr. Llalla and his family members under strict surveillance and heavy protection.

No other details are emerging on the case but allegedly threats are linked to a high profile criminal group investigation case, prompting Mr. Llalla to accept the offer of an undisclosed European country to host his family members on a permanent basis.

The General Prosecutor Office does not deny such allegations and has confirmed that the Prosecutor and the entire staff continue business as usual, focusing on pushing ahead with sensitive investigations.

Mr. Llalla has been under heavy criticism since Justice Reform efforts started more than a year ago, for boasting to fight crime but bringing no high profile cases on the table.

The unprecedented threats come only weeks after the Albanian Parliament consensually approved the much debated justice reform which could result in a total overhaul of the entire justice system in Albania.

Such milestone reform will see the creation of a Special Prosecutor’s Office which will run in parallel with the new General Prosecutor, taking place once Mr. Llalla’s mandate ends by the end of 2017.

The USA and the EU have claimed that such a special investigative unit will be able to efficiently fight high level political corruption and organized crime gangs which are tarnishing Albania’s image and credentials abroad.


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