Albania fans disappointed with Italian vote at Eurovision

Tirana, Albania, 15 May (Tirana Echo) – Albanian Eurovision fans have been disappointed with the Italian vote at the Grand Final of the European Song Contest in Lisbon after its neighboring country gave Albania’s entry  zero points.

Reactions flooded social networks and media across Albania as Tirana’s jury gave its top 12 points to Italy, only to find out that its Albanian song got zero points in return from Rome. Fan fury was further fueled also by the fact that Italy’s song was performed by an Albanian-born singer Ermal Meta, adding to Albania’s hopes for high points from the Italian jury.

Albania had placed its hopes on singer Eugent Bushpepa and his song “Mall” this year in Lisbon, after selecting the singer by a professional jury during the National Albanian Song Festival. The song was tipped as one of the favorites and it respectfully ended in 11th place. Italy’s “Non mi avette fatto niente” sung by Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro got 5th place,  higher than expected by most music critics.

Reacting to the vote after the Grand Final in Lisbon, Italy’s Ermal Meta twitted: “Honestly I didn’t get the 12 points of the Italian jury. I would have given them to Albania. Eugent’s voice and tone were impressing.

Also reacting to the Italian vote, Albania’s singer Eugent Bushpepa said that “the biggest wonder this year was Italy. We thought that having had an Albanian singer in their team, they would have been a bit more generous to us.

Fans were proud that three Albanian-born singers were representing three different countries at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Albania, Cyprus and Italy.

Speaking after the Grand Final, Cyprus’ phenomenal Albanian-born singer Eleni Foureira who came up second, said she was extremely happy with the 10 points from the Albanian jury.

Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Jerusalem after the Israeli song “Toy” sung by Netta won in Lisbon.

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