Alarming High Temperatures Risk Human Health in the Western Balkans – Says New Study

Sarajevo | June 06 (Tirana Echo) – The Western Balkans is set to experience increasing high temperatures with up to 5.0°C by the end of the century, endangering human health, public safety and the quality of life of its residents – says new study by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

The latest RCC Study on climate change in the Western Balkans, shows alarming increase of temperature over the whole territory, with observed temperature increase of 1.2ºC in the near future, destined to warm further by 1.7 – 4.0°C and even exceeding 5.0°C by the end of the century. The RCC says that temperature levels depend on global efforts to reduce in greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change data gathered in the region indicates a risk to human health, safety and life quality of Balkan residents. It says countries in the region are highly vulnerable to natural hazards and weather related losses.

Agriculture, forestry, water resources and human health will be the most affected by climate change.

Data suggests the “intrusion of sub-tropical climate further to the north, leaving coastal and southern areas very hot and dry during the summer season, which is expected to have prolonged duration by one to two months increasingly, from near future to the end of the century” – according to the RCC.

The Study issues a set of recommendations for governments in the region, pointing to the lack of human resources and other capacities in tackling such complex issues.

As candidates and potential candidates for the accession to the European Union (EU) all Western Balkan (WB) economies are urged to respect the Paris Agreement and to achieve EU2020 and EU2030 goals in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction as well as to increase energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources.

Countries in the region have increasing problems with air pollution and waste management, which are expected to get worse with climate change.

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