Chinese way a new global business catalyst platform: Albanian expert

by Xinhua

TIRANA – The G20 Summit hosted by China was held at a very important and crucial economic and political situation in the world, said Dorian Ducka, the adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania on investments and former deputy minister of energy and industry.

Due to the sluggish global economy aggravated also from political conflicts around the world, there is a rise of protectionism feeling and economic isolation from some major developed economies in the world, Ducka said in a written interview with Xinhua on Wednesday.

However, China, the second biggest economy in the world and the host of the summit in Hangzhou, showed a clear vision on the best track the major world economies need to take collectively in order to raise shared prosperity of common people and let the trade flow for a win-win scenario.

China is aware of its global responsibility for the role it has on the economic growth not only for its own population but for the one it has at the global level, it showed that the Chinese way could be a new global business catalyst platform for the elevation of world economic performance to new levels, said Ducka.

According to him, lots of countries around the world, including the countries of Eastern Europe and specifically Albania, followed with particular interest the developments in the G20 Summit in China.

He believes that a transparent road map for global economic recovery will be crucial for the countries.

He supports the Chinese position that protectionism must be prevented from eroding the foundation for a faster and healthier economic global recovery.

Ducka is very much interested in the outward investment of China framed through the vision of the Belt and Road initiative, as it is a very good way to increase the connectivity of ideas, people, capital and trade from China to Europe along the Eurasian sphere.

According to Ducka, the Belt and Road initiative is not only beneficial to China but above all it’s one of the most ambitious economic projects for the next 30 years that will be mainly beneficial to all countries participating in it.

Albania and all Eastern European countries are eager for Chinese investment and trade cooperation with China, whom indeed has turned itself into new launchpad of global economic growth, said the expert.