Carrefour sets up agricultural co-op in Romania

French retailer Carrefour has founded an agricultural co-operative in a Romanian village to bring local fresh produce to its shelves.

The co-op includes 80 families of producers who own 60 hectares (148 acres) of agricultural land. The second biggest retailer in Romania, Carrefour will source 5,000 tones of fruit and veg from the local co-op in the village of Vărăşti.

“The project initiated by Carrefour brings closer experienced farmers and consumers who appreciate Romanian quality products,” the retailer says.

Through the co-op, farmers are able to scale up production and have a single collection centre. The partnership with Carrefour guarantees them a production plan and price, and means they will receive fast payments for their products.

“Our work has been simplified,” said one of the producers in a video promoting the new venture.

The initiative comes after the Romanian parliament passed a law that requires large retailers with a turnover of €2m to allocate a minimum of 51% of existing space for fresh produce to products sourced locally, from a short supply chain.



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