US Ambassador in spectacular clash with General Prosecutor of Albania as his US visa removed

US AMbassador in Albania Donald Lu and General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla
US AMbassador in Albania Donald Lu and General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla

Tirana, Albania (Tirana Echo) – US Ambassador to Albania Donald Lu has publicly clashed with the General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla today in a spectacular public war of mutual accusations between the two.

US Ambassador to Tirana Donald Lu who has now earned the nickname of ‘terminator’ because of his constant accusations against Albania’s public officials and judges, lashed out at the General Prosecutor of the country Adriatik Llalla today during a tough speech.

“The General Prosecutor is against Justice Reform. For more than 18 months now he has spoken out publicly against this reform. In November and December prosecutors failed to seize the High Inspectorate of Assets server which was vital for the vetting process. Last Friday, as demanded from the new constitution, the ballot was held for the Council of Nominations in Justice which should protect the independence of the judiciary. The ballot was lead by the Parliament’s General Secretary as the Constitution dictates. But the Prosecutor only brought a list of 3 names while the Constitution was explicit that names should have been selected through a ballot system. Every other institution brought full lists of names. The Prosecutor only brought 3 names as preferential selections for 3 vacant positions”, said Donald Lu during a speech today in Tirana.

In an unprecedented response, General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla issued a stern message accusing the US Ambassador of blackmailing prosecutors who were investigating corrupt politicians and MPs supported by Lu, whom were needed for supporting the justice reform package with their vote.

The Office of the General Prosecutor clarifies for Mr. Lu that if he has been used to be Lord in the political circles of Albania, he cannot do the same with the institution of the Prosecutor. Mr. Lu thinks that he controls the fate of the Prosecutor when he blackmails the institution through shutting down investigations or through visa withdrawals. He should know that prosecutors of the Republic do not need US visas in order to fulfill their constitutional obligations. Such pressures from the US Ambassador in Tirana are typical of Soros people, who seek to manipulate public opinion in Albania and devalue institutions”, said the General Prosecutor’s statement this morning.

Llalla referred to the recent removal of the US visa from the US Embassy of himself and his wife, who has recently given birth in the USA.

The Prosecutor said also that he has sent a letter to  President Nishani and Speaker of Parliament Meta of Albania, informing them of such illegal moves by the US Ambassador in Tirana.

Later on today resident Nishani met with General Prosecutor Llalla as well as US Ambassador Lu. NO statements have been issued yet on the meetings.
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