Number of Foreign Visitors to Albania up 13.4% in Jan-Apr

The number of foreign nationals who visited Albania in the first four months of the year rose by 13.4% to 961,392, the statistical office, INSTAT, said on Friday.
Visitors who visited Albania for the purpose of recreation represented 24.4% of all foreign nationals, or 234,779, INSTAT said.
By comparison, 91,577 foreign nationals visited Albania for recreational purposes in January-April 2016, or 10.8% of the total number of foreign visitors, INSTAT said citing data from the state police directorate.
Details on purpose of visit of foreign nationals to Albania follow:


In April alone, Albania was visited by 359,452 foreign nationals, up 25.7%. Out of the total, 119,921 came to Albania for recreational purpose.
The largest part of foreign citizens in April, or 35%, came from Kosovo, followed by Macedonia with 13.7% and Greece with 12.2%.
Most of the foreign visitors entered Albania by land – 81.8%, 12.7% arrived by air and 5.5% came by sea.

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