EU Official – EU integration in the hands of the Albanian government

Christian Danielsson
Christian Danielsson from the DG Enlargement of the EU

Tirana, 16 Nov 2016 (Tirana Echo) – The integration process for Albania in the European Union is now totally on the Albanian government’s hands and its willingness to move it forward. This was the clear message given today in Tirana, from the Director General for Enlargement of the European Commission, Christian Danielsson.

During a joint press conference with the Albanian Minister of Integration, Klajda Gjosha, Mr. Danielsson praised the development of this process and the work done by the Albanian government. However, he highlighted the fact that ‘opening accession talks with the European Union  is not a matter of dates and months, but the results of the country’s determination to move forward with the priorities required from EU’.

The report has clearly shown that this year Albania’s progress has been steady. It is clear as well as the determination of Albania to move forward. We have seen very clearly the steps that are taken for certain laws“, said the Director General for Enlargement.

He also added that organized crime, corruption and the implementation of the new judicial reform in the justice system are very important criteria which must be fulfilled in order to accelerate the opening negotiations with European Union.

Director General for Enlargement of EC visits Tirana, just a few days following the official publication of the progress-report released from the EU for the Albanian integration process.

The European Commission has recommended conditional opening of accession talks, crucial for Albania’s EU membership, and the European Council meets on December 13th to decide on the Commission’s recommendation.

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