Could Frozen Chicken be the New Trend of Drug Smugglers in Europe?

Oct 25 (Tirana Echo) – According to the Italian Customs Police who seized €4m worth of Brazilian cocaine hidden inside frozen chickens destined for Albania, this is how the smugglers avoid the sniffing of guard dogs who get confused by the smell of meat.

Yesterday, the Italian “Guardia di Finanza” has seized 19kg of cocaine worth €4 million euros hidden inside a truck full of frozen chicken coming from Brazil with the port of Durrës in Albania as its final destination.

The cocaine packed carefully inside frozen chicken was divided into 17 carefully prepared packages, hidden inside frozen chickens, in what seems to be the latest trend of narco-trafficking to mislead guard sniffing dogs in detecting narcotic substances.

However, suspicions of antimafia border guards in southern Italian port of ‘Gioia Tauro’ in Reggio Calabria, were raised by paperwork loopholes and the ‘suspicious’ itinerary chosen for the transit of chickens destined for Albania, forcing the truck to undergo the drug scanner which revealed the quantity of cocaine hidden.

The Italian police are currently interviewing the truck driver while investigations have extended to Albania in cooperation with local authorities who are looking into the receiving company.

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