Albanian renowned writer Dritero Agolli dies at 85

Albanian renowned writer Dritero Agolli dies in Tirana at 85
Albanian renowned writer Dritero Agolli dies in Tirana at 85

Tirana, Albania (Tirana Echo) – Renowned Albanian writer Dritero Agolli has died on Friday at 85, after a long fought battle with a pulmonary disease, at a state hospital in Tirana.

Agolli started his career as a poet of short verses and then he became a prose writer, leaving behind numerous verse collections and novels, most of which are translated in different foreign languages.

‘Driteroi’ as they called him, was an iconic figure for all Albanian speaking people with a career spanning over 6 decades. He was also a prominent father-like figure in the Socialist Party of Albania and an well respected political elderly figure much respected by the entire political spectrum of Albania.

Agolli has been awarded the Order of the Nation, four prizes of the Republic of Albania and several annual literary prizes. In 2013, he was also honored with Carlo Levi award in Italy.

State representatives and prominent figures in Albanian literature and art extended their condolences to his family and expressed gratitude for the colossal works he left behind.

Official homages are to be paid on Sunday morning iat te Palace of Congresses in Tirana.