Albanian PM Edi Rama under attack over Trump slamming comments

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama slamming a possible Trump presidency on CNN
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama slamming a possible Trump presidency on CNN

Tirana, Nov 10 (Tirana Echo) – The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama has come under heavy attack at home over his past slamming comments against a Donald Trump Presidency which according to him would harm relations between the US and Albania.

Rama stands accused by many across the political and media spectrum who point out a recent interview by the Albanian Prime Minister for CNN where he slammed Trump as a ‘dangerous’ candidate whose nomination and subsequent election would harm America and the relations with Albania.

During an unprecedented interview for CNN’s Richard Quest in March 2016, Rama said that his concerns on a Trump presidency were not isolated and that other European leaders shared similar views.

Asked on a possible Trump victory, Rama replied: “God forbid – it would harm America a lot, and it would harm the democratic world. The anti-Islam rhetoric of Donald Trump and others in Europe are really the shame of our civilization.

One week before going to Washington to meet with US President Barack Obama, Edi Rama said that “Donald Trump would be a threat for his country and the United States in terms of bilateral relations”.

During today’s plenary at the Albanian Parliament, the opposition democratic party attacked Rama on the grounds that he put his own personal interests above the country by meddling with the electoral campaign of a strategic partner like the United States.

Rama has threatened public interest of the Albanian people by putting in jeopardy our relations with the closest friend of Albanian people, the United States of America . This should suffice for him to resign today”, said Democratic parliamentary group chief Edi Paloka.

Rebel MP and renowned author Ben Blushi who has recently quit the socialist party went further, accusing Rama as an amateur and lightheaded prime minister.

Rama meddled with the US electoral race as a sponsored person. He can of course back anyone he wishes as an individual, but not as Prime Minister of Albania. Why is our PM so easily misused and rented out to meddle with electoral campaigns? How can he place our country so easily at the heart of matters which have nothing to do with us, without any sense of maturity or respect?” said Blushi.

Accusations come one day after Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama allegedly cancelled his trip to the United States where he was hoping to meet with his preferred candidate for President Hillary Clinton. Trump’s victory seems to have disturbed his travel plans and has caused some considerable comfort at home for Rama.

Albania is known for its unequivocal support towards America and its foreign policy, at times regarded among top pro-American countries in the world. Its support was heavily boosted after the Kosovo war where hundreds and thousands of ethnic Albanians were massacred or kicked out of their country by Serbian military and paramilitary forces.

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