Albanian opposition accuses EU and diplomats in Tirana: Vetting is a mafia project

Tirana, Albania | Tirana Echo –Head of the Democratic Party in Tirana continue to boycott voting the Vetting Law in Parliament and accusing the majority for manipulating Albanians and their future with mafia project represented as political reforms.
During his daily speech in the so-called ‘Tent of Freedom’, head of Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha spoke about the involvement of senior foreign diplomats in Tirana, as well as EU experts who work on behalf of the Albanian PM Edi Rama.
“The Vetting Law is a mafia project which involves senior diplomats in Tirana on behalf of Edi Rama, who have hijacked the EU experts. By doing so they want to control the judicial system and free themselves from organized crime and corruption”- stated Basha.

Albania’s Parliament has approved last night three out of six names needed for the establishment of the ‘Vetting’ Ad-Hoc Committee which is to scan proposals for the people who will execute the first phase of Albania’s crucial justice reform.

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