Albania among the poorest countries says Credit Suisse

Albania ranks as one of the poorest countries in South East Europe according to the latest world report by renowned bank Credit Suisse which has analyzed the country’s financial and wealth indicators.

The latest Global Wealth Report for 2016 published by the Credit Suisse Bank, ranks Albania with a total wealth of 21 billion $. According to the report the average of adults in Albania possess a fortune of only  9200 dollars, ranking Albania among the poorest countries in the region.

The report points out that the financial situation of Albania has undergone through dramatic changes. Comparing to 16 years ago, Albanians have actually tripled their fortune although they are still on the edge of poverty. Unlike Serbia and other countries, people in Albania live with a minimum of wealth much lower than the world average of 52.8 thousand USD per adult citizen.

The Report ranks Albania in the group of countries with low and average incomes. The report, which includes most countries of the world, confirms a weak trend of the growth of global assets. In the past 12 months, global wealth has grown by 3.5 trillion USD to 256 trillion, or 1.4%.

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